Hindustan Times, December 1, 2006


PATNA : CM Nitish Kumar on Thursday sowed the first seed of industrial development in Bihar by inaugurating an integrated makhana collection and processing center at Shakti Sudha Industries in Patliputra Industrial Estate here.

Beaming with confidence at the first major step of his government to promote industries in the state, Nitish said entrepreneur Satyajeet Kumar had set an ideal example of public-private partnership for a white ball-revolution. He said this partnership will go a long way in the export of makhana products. ‘But this will only be possible by maintaining the quality of makhana products with attractive packaging.’ Nitish said adding that this will definitely hive a handsome return to farmers linked to Makhana processing industry.

The occasion was auspicious and it was made s with shankhnad (blaring of conch) and singing of mangalacharan by priest just prior of Nitish’s inaugural speech. The CM expressed satisfaction that the National Makhana Research Centre (NMRC), headed by agricultural scientist Janardanjee, had satisfactorily added technological input giving value-addition to popping of makhana efficiently from its nut.

He said that he SIPB’s first proposal was for a white ball revolution by ptomoting the makhana industries. Now this has become a reality in north Bihar which accounts for 85 per cent of makhana production in the world.

‘Makhana is the best, safe and highly nutritious available nut’, Nitish said adding such a slogan should be developed to market the kakhana products globally. Other entrepreneurs should set up makhana processing units in other to ensure a good price to Makhana farmers, he added.

Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi said: ‘This is the first inauguration of significant industry in the state and the next year would be the year of inaugurations of industries for Bihar’s economic take off’.As union agriculture minister Nitish Kumar had invited Janardnajee to establish the NMRC in Darbhanga which has been doing a commendable job for the growth of makhana industry, he added.

Agriculture minister Narendra Singh and minister of state for industries Gautam Singh also spoke on the occasion.